The Algorithm

September 8, 2014

Increasing Your Security

Over the past year or so, there has been an increased focus on security online, from Edward Snowden's revelations about the NSA's activities, to celebrity photo leaks, to encryption bugs like Heartbleed. Throughout our history, we've tried hard to encourage good security practices for our clientele. This year, we've gone a little further:

  • In January, we mandated that all webmail sessions be SSL-only. This will help keep your email more secure.
  • As of June, we mandated that new accounts use only SSL for their email session through POP, SMTP or IMAP. Like securing your webmail sessions, this will help keep your communications more secure on your phones & computers.

This fall, we'd like to take this further with a few simple steps.

  1. We're recommending an SSL certificate for every site. Why? because we believe that security by default should be the norm. We believe that helping you protect your privacy and secure your data is good business. You hire us to be your experts. As an additional bonus, Google is now going to count HTTPS as a ranking signal on your website. So not only will your site be more secure, but you'll receive an increase in ranking too. It is a tiny ranking boost initially, but I fully expect that to grow over the next few years. When it is time to renew your hosting this fall, we'll be sending along a recommendation to buy an SSL certificate at the same time.
  2. Starting this fall, we're going to turn enforce SSL connections to our mail servers. For most of you, already using SSL to connect, this will mean nothing. But for some, you'll need to update your email settings. We'll be sending more information about this shortly.

We take our responsibility as technical providers to our clients very seriously. We believe that a company-focussed move on improving not just our, but our clients' security benefits everyone greatly. We look forward to talking with you all further about this in the near future.