The Algorithm

March 20, 2013

BC Wine Institute Demonstrates Commitment to BC's Growing Wine Regions With The Launch Of Stylish New Site

In partnership with GoodSir Creative (formerly Artistech Newmedia), Pencilneck was excited to work with the British Columbia Wine Institute on their creation of a new website.

Committed to recognizing and promoting the wines of British Columbia, the British Columbia Wine Institute wanted to create a website that would better introduce people to British Columbia’s different wine regions and the wine varietals they produce.

The challenge was in developing a stylish and engaging user interface that would include a sophisticated trip planner with all-inclusive itineraries as well as an impressive plethora of information in an organized, attractive presentation. Using an integrated Google map users can pre-define their winery tours complete with up to date accommodation and restaurant information. You can print your route, email it to others or share it via various social networks.

Built with the user in mind, whether a novice, a budding sommelier, or full fledge wine geek, the new site is attractive, intuitive, user friendly and designed for full compatibilty accross all devices, including iphone, android, ipad, tablet.