The Algorithm

June 14, 2012

PGA Tour Academy Home Edition

Working with, Pencilneck Software built an online retail presence for The PGA Tour Academy. Through the internet era, the PGA has never sold products online. We are honored that they chose to work with us. Their website loads very quickly thanks to our CDN solution. Their cart and product management software carefully cater to the consumer's purchase-decision process. The usability, design and every software-driven feature has been built to scale towards high volume sales. The software administration tools used are Pencilneck Software's Version 4 CMS with E-commerce.

Jason Pamer, VP Product Development at Digital Shelf Space: "Pencilneck did a great job. They allowed us to meet our deadlines and exceed the expectations of the PGA. At DSS we produced the DVD product for the PGA. Having Jeff and Steve on our team meant that we did not need to worry about the online sales software. They created the best possible outcome for the DSS and the PGA" To view the website visit: